The Catering Boutique

It’s the heart of the business
Every day, we present a vast and tantalizing selection of prepared dishes, fresh meats, savory pastries, salads, and hors d’oeuvres, all entirely homemade, plus a superb choice of top-quality specialty foods and an array of very good wines, many of them organic.
Be sure to see the mouthwatering display of hot dishes in the window every morning!
At 52 rue Meynadier
Phone: +33(0) - Fax: +33(0)



Here is December with its promises of Greedy Parties.
Workshops are on the boil to concoct you extraordinary menus.
Well on us let us be going to find the famous poultry of Bresse, the stuffed “foie gras”, the white sausage, the christmas cakes, the glace chestnuts, the chocolates and the ices creams, and full of novelties to satisfy your curiosity that I leave you the care of discovering!
I wish you to cross very good moments in family and between friends and I tell you in the next year for new gastronomic adventures!
Michel, his family and his working companions[The Menu]